Friday, August 22, 2014

Misen En Place


Mise-en-place is a hot / most using word among organized Kitchen professionals because this word creates great impact and leaves good memories in one’s Kitchen profession. Mise-en-place (pronunciation Mi za plas) is a French phrase which means “Everything in its place”, in Kitchen profession it is "Pre-Preparation of Ingredients". It is a process of earlier arranging or organizing the ingredients which is needed for the cooking. Effective Misenplace ease the load in cooking and upkeep the work elegance, in one word it is a magic to make your cooking as art.

Misenplace enables the budding chefs to get thorough knowledge in recipe, ingredients mixing, cooking techniques, ingredients etc., If the #misenplace process is effectively used then one could easily construct / develop the recipes or menu. Misenplace is a pedestal to bring the characters in the food i.e., appearance, palatability, texture and flavour. Misenplace educates cleanliness practice. It gauges one's level in beginning and experience in the profession. It is a hidden true that Misenplace is a man behind who wants to become Mastery in Cookery.

Misenplace teaches the activeness, neatness and time management in profession so called you are a professional in your profession.

Misenplace is a great personality in noble KitchenProfession. :)

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