Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disappointment – A measuring device

Disappointment = Failure, how do you par both the words????

A disappointment is the only obsession makes our lovable work (aim) to hate. It’s true…

I say, this all turns out because of the minute slipups and the overconfidence/ overexpectations of our side. Being the food consultant, I know - how the critic from the gourmets, talented chefs that arises the good number of times, taken that as part of my development and my team consistency. Funny is, sometimes the food critics developed without knowing the authenticity of the dishes. Whatsoever as my surface I am considering that as a measuring device to scale my weakness and strengthness…..

A noble friend of mine, shared the good will thought of what he enjoyed on the TV Channel recently, once a great scientist Thomas Alva Edison’s,18 years old laboratory was gutted by fire, but no troubleness on his face. Instead of worrying, he said calmly, my 18 years of mistakes are gutted by fire.

Ssssshhhhh ‘’’’’ However, its clear, corrective measures from the disappointment will lead to success path…