Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ramzan Episode – Nombhu Kanji

Title itself says the holy Ramalan month is adorned by "Nombhu Kanji" a King of Porridge. Ramadan month fast is not end without take Nombhu kanji in the evening that much heavenly significance given to Nombhu kanji by our Muslim friends.

Simply says Our Nombhu Kanji is a superstar of the Ramadan month. Unique style, flavour and taste all are cordially stands for the citation of "King of Porridge."

Taking energetic liquid stuff Nombhu Kanji after a day long fasting will help the internal organs to breathe out and helps for easy assimilation. Well cooked raw rice and moong dal provides adequate energy to the body; aromatic spices in Nombhu Kanji are the another reason for easy assimilation and also refresh the organs when take food after the day long godly fasting by our Muslims friends.

Fenugreek seeds in Nombhu Kanji retains white colour of porridge and soften the rice and dal while cooking.


Raw Rice – 1 ½ Kg

Moong Dal – 200g

Fenugreek – 2g

Ginger – 100gms

Garlic – 100gms

Cinnamon, Cardamom & Cloves – 5 Gms

Ghee – 50gms

Tomatoes – 250gms

Green chillies – 3g

Coriander leaves – 50gms

Small Onions – 250 gms

Coconut – 01nr

Cumin Seeds – 2g

Preparation Method

1. Make ginger and garlic paste out of ½ of the quantity of each

2. Chop small onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and remaining 50gms of ginger. Slit greenchillies.

3. Take coconut milk and keep aside the residue of coconut.

4. Boil four litres of water in a vessel, once the water is boiled add the rinsed raw rice and moong dal in it.

5. Along with raw rice and moong dal, add chopped small onions, tomatoes, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, whole garlic, ginger & garlic paste, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and slitted greenchillies. Stir it all around.

6. Allow the rice and moong dal to cook well. Once it reaches porridge consistency, add coconut milk and the coconut residue after taking coconut milk. Just stir and keep it in slow fire for a minute.

7. Add fine chopped coriander leaves at the end.


At the time of serving Nombhu Kanji, you also add few pieces of chopped seedless chopped dates that too highlight the taste of Nombhu Kanji.

Nombhu Kanji gives its own original taste only in the Ramzan month, the same porridge what we prepare at any other month wouldn’t give the original taste as you taste now.

Prepare and feel the taste.

Insha Allaahhhhh!!!