Monday, December 31, 2012

MITAHSHU - Sweet of Memories

Mitahshu – the name makes me to call again and again… mitahshu, mitahshuu…

You may heard of rasukutty in village but still today’s talk sweet Mitahshu ever remains a rasukutty of the heart of Southern Tamil Nadu people.

Observed many times, people of our place much love to eat some sweet or snack items which are casually available nearby stands, thinking that taking some eatables to home is happier. Especially it happens in the side of father to give some lite bite items to their children’s, even they have slept in night also he make them awake and give. Notable thing is they never send off the associates or guest to go with empty hands. Surely while them leaving a bag of lite bites in their hands which streams their affection.

May be that reason, we witnesses here plenty of snack and sweet stall in bus terminal and common people gathering places. One step more the art of stacking and arranging the lite bites in stalls pulls our mind and eyes to buy those.

Mitahshu is crisply fried and dipped in perfectly prepared sugar syrup, ok for your better understanding I tell Jalebi Mittai. Rawrice and urad dal are the important ingredient for making and is golden fried in hot calm oil thus cooks evenly inside and crispy outer.

Consistency of the prepared sugar syrup speaks out the sweetness and tastiness of mitahshu. This sugar syrup is slightly watery and mitahshu is steeped in this sugar syrup for an hour. Between the times mitahshu absorbs sugar syrup that makes its inside juicy and outside remains crispy.
Raw rice and urad dal (uruttu uzhuthamparuppu) are soaking it in water separately for about 3 hours, and then raw rice is pounded into one by fourth and let it to dry out for few hours in sun or dry place. Combine tightly grinded urad dal batter with the raw rice, finally both mixed well and fried in even hot oil by piping. When you bite mitahshu you could feel the rice granules presence inside. Importantly the batter mixture is not allowed to ferment also.
Mitahshu is available in cheap price also which compose very tasty for our pocket and tongue.
You could find this mitahshu in tea stall of southern Tamil Nadu, one bite with mitahshu and a sip of tea/coffee. Could I want to express the taste???
Another news this mitahshu is serving as medicine to children’s, this one stops who suffer with non – stop stool…
We proud of MITAHSHU… Taste toooo much
Write me proudly….

Friday, December 21, 2012

On Pepper Corns and Cumin Seeds

It is a known truth to all, pepper and cumin contributes immensely and most responsible spices in South Indian Cuisine. Surprisingly these two spices are perfectly matching with all types of South Indian vegetarian and Non vegetarian food items. These spices are the identity for real earthy Charisma, this uniqueness haven’t evaluated with any spices.

Interestingly real characteristic of Pepper corns and Cumin seeds explodes in the stage of granule the spices. Maybe that the reason both flavour are combining well and spiking the food taste. Ideally these spices can mix only after adding the fundamental ingredient while peppercorn renders spiciness, as cumin seeds works on gentle the pepper flavour cum introduce minor tangy in the food.

Cumin is better to include in the food just before finishing and finally add dash of ghee or oil. Pour little more oil in the start that could increase the aroma and softness (in meat) of dish. As same, the hot of pepper corns could assimilate easily by our human body as compare to other hot spices.

In this episode, we are going to dish out the best recipe made of Pepper and Cumin combination, crack your fingers then get ready for preparing Egg Muffin pepper Fry – Muttai Paniyaram Milagu vathakal

Egg – 4
Small Onion – 100g
Tomato – 1
Turmeric Powder – ¼ spoon
Pepper Powder – 1 spoon
Salt – needed
Cumin powder – ½ spoon
Curryleaves – 3 leaves
Coriander leaves – few
Green chilli (small) – 2 nr
Ginger and garlic paste – 1 spoon
Gram flour – ¼ spoon

 Action follows

1.     Combine gram flour, salt and egg. Beat all together well and cook the mixture in paniyaram chatti applying low fire. Once it cooked, take out from muffin case (paniyara chatty)

2.     Now start prepare pepper fry masala, heat oil in a pan, add fine chopped shallots and tomato. Fry all now for 3minutes.

3.     Add curry leaves and chopped green chillies in this stage, mix all well and stir.

4.     Add turmeric powder and few coriander leaves. Mix and just sprinkle little water in it. After a few seconds add ginger and garlic paste. Mix up well.

5.     Throw curry leaves in this stage then add pepper powder and stir. Add paniyara muttai into the pepper masala, gently mix it all around. Cover the pan with lid for few minutes.

6.     Open now, sprinkle little Jeera powder and finish with chopped coriander leaves. Mix and take it out from fire. Serve hot.

I say, this recipe is a best broker for the pepper and cumin marriage. Simple and handy recipe and try by all at the same time.

Share your pepper and jeera feelings and write me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PAROTTA – Short Notes

Parotta - a word and food are very much fused with South Indian’s life. Parotta stall, you could see at least one stall in each street and it is an economic food business in Tamilnadu. Maida is a fundamental ingredient in Parotta making thus came to South India during the time of famine in Second World War. Maida is a kind of starch taking out from wheat, arrowroot or sometimes tapioca and have no fibers or vitamins. It gives much work to our digestive organ, takes longer time for assimilation so this is best for labours.

Spreading Parotta is an art. It is not easy for everyone to do. It is like exhibition and entertainment to observe the way Parotta is spreading without torn, folding and rolling at last cooking it over tawa and pat with both hands to make it soft. After kneaded the dough tightly, the dough has been made in to balls though called as “Peda”. This peda is applied with enough oil after that covered with damp cloth and allowed for proofing. Talks are there, Parotta was introduced in South India by Punjabis. Parotta’s origin may somewhere but plenty of Parotta varieties, the style of spreading and folding can’t do by anyone other than South Indian Parotta stall. 

Parotta is fondly called by different names, taste and shape in different places. Veeranur border Parotta in Sencottah, Ambasamudrum Kal Parotta, Virudhunagar Ennai (oil) parotta, Panchu Parotta of Theni, Uttamapalayam Inippu Parotta, Veechu parotta, Sankarankoil Kothu Parotta, Tanjavur Shanthi Dalda Parotta, Patambi Parotta, Natham Ennai Parotta like addresses the name plenty. 

Soft Parotta always received acclaim which served with tastiest salna (stew). The side dish called in different names from place to place like Salna, Kurma, Servai, Kulambu. Commonly Country Chicken Curry and Chops served in most parotta stalls as well few more serves Sodhi and Sambhar for vegetarian lovers. Parotta side dish is quite famous in Kerala. Kadalai Curry (chick peas curry), Kappa Curry (tapioca curry), Green Peas Khurma, Beef Ularthiyathu (Beef fry), Muttai Curry (Egg Curry)….. these respects parotta. 

As like parotta we surely require separate column to write on side dish. I end up here now.
Amazing!!!!!!! to see how the??????

Ordinary food became indispensable fast food in our food schedule… Happy to write you parotta…

Tasty and Enticing Parottaaaahhh…….