Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Another write up about dosa variant “Adai” a typical South Indian breakfast stuff in my column now, if you are satisfy there is no time barrier in enjoying Adai. Why this dosa variant got named “Adai” pointly it’s new to hear some of us.

Adai is a combo of rice and lentils much interesting no need of waiting for fermentation and then much tastiest, flavourful in addition of spices then his grandfather dosa. By the combination of rice and lentils, adai is bit tough so that’s the reason it may get the name “Adai” in Tamil.

Foodies believe udupi is a birthplace for maximum of South Indian vegetarian dishes, it is indeed to believe adai is also from udupi place. By seeing the standard accompaniment Avial for Adai the Tamil foodies lifting their collars and saying “We gave the bride (Avial) to groom Adai”. Adai dosa one could commonly witness in Tamil sangam city Madurai, aachi’s (grandma’s) preparing hot adai’s in the evening for street stall sale.

Let it rewind the historical time, the lentil base pancakes are offered as neivedhyam (oblation) to gods in olden days. A lentil base pancake has been hard and wouldn’t be perished easily and could preserve it for long days. Addition of rice and lentils in preparing batter emerged only in the recent past centuries after the popularization of oil.

Preparing any tasty food items proportions are more important, thereby below sharing my best Adai dosa recipe for my ardent blog readers.

Adai Dosa Recipe

Raw rice 200g

Rice 200g

Urad dal 25g

Bengal Gram 50g

Green Gram 50g

Toor dal 50g

Channa dal 25g

Tomato 01

Fennel seeds 01 tsp

Peppercorns 01 tsp

Turmeric Powder as required

Salt as required

Dry redchillies 08

Shallots 50g

Method of Preparation

Soak rice and lentils items separately for about two hours

First grind rice items slightly nice, then coarsely grind lentils items along tomato, fennel seeds, dry redchillies, peppercorns, turmeric powder and salt

Now combine rice and lentil batter together. Again drop the batter into the grinder, just wait for two swings

Take out the batter for grinder, mix it well and now add chopped small onions, curryleaves mix it all well. Now Adai dosa batter is ready

Check the consistency, unlike dosa this adai dosa batter should be slightly firm


Here is my humble tip to increase Adai dosa taste, add few bottle gourd (surakkai) pieces while grinding adai dosa batter, definetly enrich the taste.

Just tweaking, I am much adamant in eating adai in my school days till now it is there on my breakfast table during my hometown visit.

Enjoy and Happy Adai eating.

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