Monday, February 25, 2013

Original Kerala Fish Curry – Traditional Fish Curry recipe

Fish curry needs high attention in non vegetarian preparation, the amount of water and masala mixture speaks lot about the final feel of fish curry. Taking that into consideration here I am sharing you the best traditional home made fish recipe to prepare it very conveniently at your kitchen. Let’s enjoy the preparation


Firm fish with less bone (prefers Nei meen) -  1kg
Whole Shallots, peeled – 20g
Whole garlic, peeled – 2g
Ginger, juliennes – 1g
Coconut Milk – 40ml
Dry redchilli paste – 4g
Coriander powder – 4g
Turmeric powder – 1g
Salt – 10g
Kokum(Kodampuli), soaked in water – 5nrs
Water – 550ml
Coconut Oil – 20ml
Mustard Seeds – 1g
Fenugreek – 1g
Curryleaves – 1g
Tomatoes, cut it into four - 1

Method of Cooking

Heat Coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds and fenugreek

Add shallots, garlic, ginger and curry leaves. Gently fry without changing colour.

Add chilli paste, coriander powder and little turmeric powder. Mix all together.

Pour sufficient water now, add tomato and cover the lid till boil well

After it boils, add fish which marinated with turmeric powder and salt. Slightly mix and allow the fish to cook for next 2 minutes. Then add kokum into the fish curry and simmer for next ten minutes by covering lid.

Finish the fish curry with thick coconut milk. Simmer for one minute and mix. Now the red colour fish curry is ready to serve with boiled rice or appam.


Usually fish curry tastes better only it is served few hours after preparation. Sometimes the claypot along fish curry (which used for fish curry preparation in South India) is kept on hay stalk overnight, to increase the taste and retain the heat of fish curry.

Chiili paste can be prepared by boiling the dry red chillies in water after that drain and fine paste it in mixie

Celebrate the glorious experience of spicy southern fish curry

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Chicken – 2 ½ kg
Onion – ¾ kg
Tomato – ½ kg
Ginger Paste – 50g
Garlic Paste – 30g
Coconut oil – 100ml
Cinnamon – 2g
Cardamom – 1 g
Cloves – 1g
Bayleaves – 2nrs
Dry redchillies – 2g
Curryleaves – 1g
Coconut – 1
Chillipowder – 4g
Coriander powder – 5g
Turmeric powder – 2g
Water & Salt – as required

Method of preparation

1.   Fry the coconut and dry redchillies in coconut oil, and then grind it finely.

2.     Now heat the oil in a kadai, temper with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and bayleaves. Once it splutters add sliced onion and sauté nicely.

3.    Add ginger and garlic paste, then add chopped coriander leaves and few curryleaves. Mix it all well for another 1 minute.

4.    Add the masalas (except turmeric powder) into it and stir all well. Now add chopped tomatoes, stir till the tomato mash and mix well with masalas – (see the oil ooze out from masala)

5.     Now add the marinated chicken which done with salt and turmeric powder mix well for another 1 minute. And add coconut masala mix it once again.

6.   Add the sufficient water; allow the curry to cook in simmering fire for next 20minutes.

7.     Finish with little coconut oil and chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chicken Mundri - Same Chicken 65

Whatever varieties are there in chicken dishes but deep fried chicken (chicken 65) have significant place in foodies’ heart and their kitchen. This features as all time favourite from children to elders and it is a most browsing recipe worldwide.

Chicken Mundri is a handpicked recipe by Chef. Raj Mohan M.S on his own local authentic touch. Mundri means Crispy in nature, it would be like by your children and you feel the hotel taste Chicken 65.

Bold Chicken Pieces - 1 kg

Rice flour -  25g

Ginger paste – 7 g

Garlic paste – 4 g

Chilli powder – 12g

Turmeric Powder – 2g

Salt – to taste

Lime juice – 1 nr

Refined flour – 12g

Curry leaves – a few

Red colour – as required

Corn flour – 15g

Refined Oil – for deep fry


Prepare the best masala marination with rice flour, ginger and garlic paste, refined flour, corn flour, turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt, lime juice, few curryleaves and enough redcolour in a vessel.

Put the cleaned bold chicken pieces in to the masala and drizzle little oil now, mix gently.

Reserve the portion for another 1 hour to allow the chicken to absorb masala.

Heat oil in kadai, and start to deep fry up to the surface reaches golden colour. Then take it out from hot oil.

After 6 minutes, again drop the fried chicken pieces into the hot oil and deep fry till the chicken pieces done.

Now the Chicken Mundri is ready to eat along onion roundels

Try this Chicken Mundri variation in your house and double your cooking taste


 I shared this simple chicken 65 variation based on my readers request.