Friday, November 4, 2011


Let us bring up the indispensable batter savoury fritters from South Indian gourmet table. Vada would serve as snacks, would be the side dish for South Indian meals and more suitable to palate for best South Indian breakfast along with dosa, Idli or Pongal. Vada holds star position in the menu cards and it is a profitable and customary item in South Indian restaurant. This South Indian favourite could be found as street food in South Indian localities in various countries.

Vada is known for its antiquity. Ancient literature says that the deep fried products got familiarized and popularized in 15th century, during the vijayanagar dynasty. So we belive that vada might have originated in 15th century. Over a period of time, vada got various ingredients and by its methods of cooking. The best example is the two centuries old paniyaram.

Readers of my blog may know best options to prepare delectable vadas. Anyhow, I am just reminding you the possibilities of preparing mouthwatering vadas at your homes.


Whatever recipes you follow, grinding is a very important matter in vada preparation. If the grinding is proper, no need for any other substitution

Soak the urad dal (lentils) for about 20 - 30 minutes
Too much soaking of urad dal (lentils) in water would made the vada batter more elastic and sticky and also absorbs more oil while deep frying
Add minimum 50g of rice flour to a kg of medu vada batter. A tbsp of maida (refined flour) renders good golden colour
Maintain balanced heat or oil, too much heat may harden and destroy the colour of vada
Add water as needed while grinding the batter of medu vada. Grind till the batter become white and soft
It is better to add ginger paste in medu vada batter rather than chopped ginger
For paruppu vada, add 50kg of tuvar dal and urad dal along with a kg of bengal gram
Keep a little bengal gram from grinding. Add the same in the grinded mixture later to give a crunchy taste
Serve thick chutnies and sambhar, not a watery one
KEERAI VADA (Spinach Vada)
Bengal gram flour - a handful
Rice flour - a handful
Cornflour - a handful
Soda bi carbonate - a pinch
Salt to taste
Spinach Varieties - Minimum 03 varieties - 100g
Coriander leaves - a handful
Chopped Onion - 2 nos
Saunf- 1/2 tsp
Ginger & Garlic -1 tsp
Chopped greenchillies - 1 tbsp
Combine all the above ingredients. Sprinkle little water and mix well.
Make patties and deep fry it in moderate hot oil till it gets slight golden colour. Take out from oil now.
Reserve it for next 10 minutes. Deep fry the reserved vada again till it cook and renders good golden colour.
!!!!!!! Above instructions fetch you new ideas and regional recipe must be a new taste for your buds. You shall have in these rainy days. Enjoy the drizzle with puffy hot vadas.