Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Very recently tasted a new yummy carrot halwa which is done by my chef friends. This carrot halwa is not like the usual one in taste. Different flavour, colour and style make this halwa unique and turn it into a heavenly taste. I have enjoyed this carrot halwa till the last spoon of my plate. This alone leads me to blog it now and may help you to transform the ordinary carrot halwa into a special one.

You may think what’s there in this carrot halwa, yes it is simple and ordinary one to prepare for any one. May be we will get many recipes by prowling internet but it’s hard for us to collect the best directions to prepare this gorgeous halwa.

Some prepares the little soggy carrot halwa or some shall do carrot halwa dry. After seeing the best carrot halwa you might feel it resembles just as a  grated carrot. But the blend of essential ingredients and caramelized carrot are only could give the tastiest and glossy product.

Points to be remember
1. Do not squeeze the juices of grated carrot which affects the nutrients, flavor and colour of the halwa.

2. Saute carrot in ghee to extract the flavour of halwa, but fry it till half done.

3. To tenderize the carrot add hot milk into the sautéed carrot, otherwise cold milk makes it hard.

4. Sugar should be added immediately after carrot halfway is done in ghee, this makes the sugar caramelize and coat it over the carrot and separate it.

5. Khoya (concentrated milk solids) must be added after the milk is absorbed by the carrot. Khoya helps to give texture and taste.

The instructions definetly will bring you an extraordinary tasty halwa and take you from the ordinary to a special one.

Let’s tantalize by the taste.


You can use this instruction for any vegetable based halwa preparation – Carrot, Beetroot, Pumpkin