Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can you cook ?

dear my valuable readers,
Here I am not mean you to cook rather challenging you to cook right proportionate diet. Speaking on diet every one have own views, of course diet can be plan as per ones nature, structure of the body and more importantly what kind of shape one wants at the end. Periodically give some relaxation if you are following very strict diet which one helps to avoid skipping the diet in the middle or getting aversion on your diet.

Keep it up in mind always be conscious on fat free items, especially the deep frying stuffs. Whenever you do cooking food follow basic guidelines to ensure the prepared food as nutritious one. Making the nutritious food is really a challenging for every chef, so that top notch hotels back to the health concept flavours and serving that to the customers.

How many of us adding the seasonal available ingredients in our diet? Go with the seasonal availability which keeps the body fresh, balance internals as per the weather and faster the brain activity.

However you can follow any kind of diet, but you can get the definite shape only through the workout..

thennnn in my side, recently I cooked up the week long wonderful food festival KIRAMATHU SAMAYAL at Hotel Madurai Fortune Pandiyan... nice cook it up over there…