Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biriyani – a delicious food gift

Lots of questions are remaining in us to ask about Biriyani. Preparing handsome biriyani needs meticulous attention that is apart from whatever we say in cooking. The juicy savor with blended flavour is most wanted one for good tasty Biriyani lovers.

When we ask about how we are reaching this beautiful flavour in Biriyani, the answer lies in careful stir fry of flavouring ingredients. Instead of sauté the biriyani ingredients in oil, those ingredients has to fry good in oil medium (mix of coconut oil, refined oil and ghee). As same the tomato, green chillies and ginger garlic paste should be added after other biriyani ingredients fried well in oil. Another sought thing is add whole green chillies rather than it is slitted, so the spiciness in green chilly goes into biriyani and sometime the slitting may cause sour taste to biriyani.

The ginger and garlic paste are the secret behind the flavouring enhancement. The proportion of ginger paste is slight more than garlic. Masala powder has to be mix with tomato, onion, green chillies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, ginger and garlic paste. Frying these ingredients cooked up the masala also this combination pulls the neighbours into your kitchen. Spices are also powdered separately and this shall be added with the ingredients while frying to improve the biriyani flavour.

Come to rice point, the rice is rinsed and drained honestly so that there should not be any sign of dampness in the rice. The drained rice must be resembles like dried rice. If you use rice in this form the prepared biriyani absorbed masala and rice granules are juicy.

Biriyani is also existed in ancient era; in earlier biriyani is a flavourful rice preparation. In ancient period, the habit of cooking meat and rice together was there in practice thus called as “Oonsoru or Ottukha” – just we say a forerunner of modern day biriyani. But over the periods the biriyani is prepared with little spicy / masala to the taste needs of South Indians.

Before going for the Biriyani dum, confirm the rice grains must have bit of watery condition thereby you cover the vessel with correct heavy size lid and top done with ember.  End up with another beautiful message, Ramba leaf, which smells like biriyani rice (seeraga samba rice) this leaf is used in the some biriyani preparation to enrich flavour and taste in biriyani.

“Indeed – Biriyani is a delicious food gift” you shall know after finishing this article….