Friday, November 8, 2013

Kai Suthu Murukku – Hand Spun Murukku

Murukku is being prominent among the foods which are associated with our culture. The crispy Murukku is the age old one which is liked by all people without any age discrimination. Murukku means ”twisted” in Tamil language and it is a traditional treat of festivals.

In ancient days, the bowl was prepared by wood and it had different shapes of holes where Murukku dough was intruded by the force of another wood slot. It was intruded in different artistic shapes on the rocks; later the murukku was dried and eaten.

In most of the places in Tamilnadu, the Murukku intruder is a must in the bride’s offerings list. With the help of intruder, Thenkulal, Kattaimurukku, Mul Murukku, Butter murukku and many more varieties are prepared. The different shapes of murukku are given by the sheet plates in the intruder.

Kaisuthal Murukku (Hand spun Murukku) is the most popular Murukku variety in Tamilnadu. Women just use their hands to swirl the dough mixture around pebble stone, to get the spiral roll shape, without the intruder or mould. The spiral murukku which appears tough, melts in seconds in mouth. Its mild hotness, asafoetida flavours with taste overtakes other murukkus. 

Take one kg of rice flour (pulungal arisi) and 400g of urad flour. Add cumin seeds, black sesame seeds, basil, dry redchillies paste, asafoetida and necessary salt with the flour mixture. ¾ tumbler of oil is added and the dough is kneaded strong. Spread a clean cloth, take the dough in hand. Start swirling the murukku dough with fingers around the pebble stone which you have already kept on the cloth. Once the twisted murukku dough slightly gets dried, deep fry the swirls in hot vegetable oil and your Kai Suthu murukku is ready.

You can eat it for months together if stored carefully.

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