Sunday, July 20, 2014


Onion, sliced – 600g
Tomato, sliced – 300g
Green chillies, slitted – 80g
Curd – 200g
Ginger paste – 150g
Garlic paste – 50g
Mint leaves – 70g
Coriander leaves – 30g
Chilli powder – 10g
Turmeric powder – 1g
Lime – 1
Basmathi Rice – 1 ½ Kg
Chicken – 2Kg


Cardamom – 1g
Mace – 1g
Cloves – 1g
Cinnamon – 2g
Star anise – 1
Bay leaves – 2g
Kalpasi – 1g
Ghee – 60ml
Refined oil – 100ml
Coconut oil – 50ml

Method of Preparation

1.     Heat the cooking medium and pop the tempering items in cooking medium. Add onion, fry till golden colour. Add ginger paste and garlic paste. Mix it.

2.     Put the green chillies and fry it. Add the tomato now and slightly stir all together.

3.     Add turmeric powder, mix and add chilli powder. Stir well. Add the curd into it, mix. Add mint and coriander leaves. Pour the required amount of water.

4.    Once the water is started boiling, add the chicken. After 3minutes boiling would reduce the flame and add the rinsed basmathi rice. Squeeze the lime juice and mix it now gently. Put some remaining mint and coriander leaves on top and cover the vessel with tight lid.

5.     After the water is dried, keep the biriyani in dum for 25 minutes.

6.     Open the lid and gently mix the biriyani. Enjoy the taste. 

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