Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is Mango good for Diabetes????

Mango is one of the most adored fruit in India so that it is in the list of three prominent fruits (Mukkani) and called as National fruit of India. Rumani, Panchavarnam, Neelam, Adhimadhuram, Mundappa, Pankanappalli, Mukku Mambalam are few popular available Mango varieties in Tamilnadu market. Mango contains high amount of carotene is essential for skin tone. Mango cures the teeth ache, if you have mango at your place now??? try it. Cut the mango into few pieces, put the mango in your mouth and favour the mango to touch the enamel of the teeth for 15minutes. Remove it away and check now where your ache has gone….

Okey lets come to the highlight, whether the diabetes eat the mango or not?? Here the mango season is nearing to over atleast could taste a mango before that, this might be the thinking???

Latest study in Australia reveals “the diabetes might eat few cuts of Mango”. If eat a Mango daily shall reduce the fat content and cure the diabetes. Also the presence of chemical substance in Mango acts as a medicine against diabetes.

Do not get into the kitchen to taste the mango as the study is kind to you, let’s fell into the doctor’s recommendation. Take care of your Health !!! See you in next post.

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