Sunday, February 16, 2014

Traditional Cookwares in Healthy Food

The heading makes you understand that the taste and healthiness in food is associated not only by the skills, the utensils what we are using to prepare the food is most important one to determine the above said fact. Nowadays we mostly like to go with convenient methods. That’s the reason the use of cooking utensils was changed from mud pots followed by bronze, Brass, Iron and Eversilver. At present we are widely used to cook the food in modern non - stick cookwares, these cookwares received the arouse welcome among women. Non stick cookwares are available in different colours, so it is the centre of attraction to makes the kitchen more colourful.

The research says that the type of utensils which we used for cooking the food will determine the presence of nutrients. Another recent study made by the scientist in Uppsala University, Sweden says that the people who consume the food which are cooked in Non –stick cookwares will linked to the high risk of diabetics development. Non stick vessels have a chemical substance so called “Perfluorinated compounds,” while cooking the food in non stick cookware this chemical substance will engage with the food and changes the food into unhealthy. Perfluorinated compunds disrupts the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and could leads to diabetics. 

Ultimately we cannot say that the reason for diabetes is only because of cooking the food in non – stick cookware. The other causes for diabetics are unhealthy food habits, genes, less exercises and depression.

When we speak about the cookwares, it is must to see the uniqueness in our Traditional Cookwares -

1.     The food which is cooked in mudpot will increase the taste and flavour. The food which is cooked in mud pot will not be spoiled for long time and makes the digestion easy. It brings you healthy and long life. The water which is poured in mud pot will develop the unique taste and chillness. The poured curd in mud pot will not develop tart taste. These much uniqueness enriched mud pot is not at all there in our home for usage, nowadays it is just be as the showcase material.  

2.     Our ancestors used gold, silver, bronze, copper, Iron as metal for making cookwares. Silver metal regulates the body temperature and keep always cool. The food which is prepared in copper and bronze cures the stomach ailments. It has the efficiency to reduce the ulcer. If we drink the copper vessel stored water regularly, there will be no coughing and long breathing. Iron metal increase the amount of blood and strengthen the body. It increases the eye sight and protects the eye from any possible ailments.  

What we will do is, as much possible try to use the traditional cookwares to make you healthy. Lets I leave now, see you soon.

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