Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Last week I was invited by my friend to his village, the reason they were offering to his household deity. I went with him, it’s a temple in the bank of Thamirabarani river. Very serene location, swinging roots of huge banyan tree,mesmerizing gentle breeze. I really attracted by the location. My chum and myself sat on the bolder over there, start chatting while I turned back a granny and few ladies of my friends family preparing for some food stuffs.

Peeled the small onions, grinded the coconut with few spices use of the grinding stone in the temple. What kind of the preparation, I asked that women, they answered, it is the Kozhi Kulambhu (Chicken gravy), which offered to the deity. I start watching, because they have very few spices and ingredients in their platter.

Fried the shallots in the gingelly oil, added the pasted coconut masala, Country chicken pieces, little turmeric powder, few tomatoes in it. No chilli powder, coriander powder in this gifted recipe. It’s a very fast preparation. Just covered that one, after few minutes they removed the lid. The aroma of the chicken blended in the wind and tingled my nose. Finish this curry with tempering.

It’s not much spicy. I really wondered of the speedy preparation and the masala used in it. That day I had a plateful of rice and nearly ½ kg of chicken.

mmmmmmm……. I am coming to my point. After I turned to my place, I shared my experience to my team mates. Karthic said, this recipe and the masala used in the curry is totally new. We will dish out that recipe in our kitchen. At once my smile arises, my territory flooded with the action. We dish out that new village recipe.

Taste, aroma of this curry made all my team mates to lick his own fingers. At the end they are in the mess of the name of this dish, I named it as “Padappu Kozhi Kuzhambu”.


Unknown said...

Good.. Excellent work my dear Boy!!!!! Keep it up and do it continuously.your R&D will be usefull for your career.
May god bless you.
with Cheer,

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