Friday, September 4, 2009

Mushrooming Catering stalls / Institutes

Yes, you could see that while you walk around the streets and bazaars!!! Still you baffling, I mean the minnow catering institutes mushrooming every nooks & corners of the cities. With little equipments easily obtaining the approval and starting the catering institutes, even though don’t have any basic necessity. How the examining body tendering recognition to the worthless institutes..????...!!!, it’s one of the standing questions …

Beauty of such institutes are getting awesome admissions every year, institutes offering various sops to grab the admission. I don’t know how the student’s are easily trap on their words, without viewing any originalities. Products of these institutes are being short in all basic etiquettes, in this cause, hospitality world suffering for the effective manpower.

Model facilities and good infrastructure catering colleges are now in pitiable conditions. All are well placed, then where the students are??? Alas..!!!

Fabricated stories about the catering course, one of the key ground for the downfall of choosing the course among the students. Hotels would be flexible on their policies on recruitment especially on the basic remuneration.

Hospitality industries urging, “Effective sources” then assist the catering colleges/universities on setup the training modules through forming the forum. It has to be compiling on their modern day needs.

It’s very hard to hear for me, teaching is the place for rest. We are the teaching community sole accountable for producing the hoteliers. We are ten fold more action then how we had been in the industry. Still rounding the old basic sauces, training modules & manuals etc, update the current trends and equipped them on it. Internal bias between the tutors resulting ward off the significant teachers from all the movements. We are the people only calling Catering as a professional course, but our community has not done anything for that.

Oh God…… Save the catering art from the hands of all the odds…..

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