Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tulsi Karuppati Kozhukkatai
(Rice dumplings with Palm Jaggery & basil)
It’s an exotic dumpling preparation, dish it out at home!!!!!!!!!

Rice flour – 250 g
Palm jaggery – 150 g
Tulsi leaves – 2 tbsp
Cucumber Seeds -1 tsp
Coconut gratings – 50g
Cashewnuts – 1 tbsp
Salt – a little
Sultanas – 1 tbsp
Cardamon – ½ tsp
Water -1 cup
1. Take 3/4 quantity of palm jaggery diluted it with water. Boil for few minutes until it turns thick.

2. Mix this palm jaggery dilution with the rice flour; add few Tulsi (basil) leaves and a little salt in it. Make smooth dough. Combine the remaining all ingredients for the stuffing (including the Tulsi & some Palm jaggery gratings).

3. Make the even sized balls, put the depression in the centre, fill it with enough stuffings.Cover it well, do one by one like this. Steam it for 10 minutes.

4. Once you take out from the steamer, dips the dumplings in the thick Palm Jaggery syrup.

5. Now surface of the Kozhukkatai coated with syrup, looks thick black in colour.

6. Arrange it in platter neatly; garnish the top with few coconut gratings.

mmmmmmm.......... Its rich, appears more gorgeous and tastes delicious...

Soon I will post the pictures for my next recipes.

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