Sunday, June 29, 2014

Idli and Sambhar - Most nutritious Indian Breakfast Option (Save Breakfast)

Come let’s eat breakfast !!!!!

A recent survey conducted in Tamilnadu says the power of taking the food in morning. Children are involved and categorized by their eating habits in the survey. It is found out the children who are eating Idli and Sambhar in morning shall have good energy and smart.

Breakfast??? Sorry we have no time to spend for breakfast; this is a common disregard answer from us. Skipping breakfast is also one of the lame habits of us. Another horrific thought is skipping breakfast is a diet so it may helps for the weight loss. Nowadays those who are going schools, office, the housewives and many of us avoid eating breakfast or not rendering importance to breakfast. Regularly food experts and doctors advice that the regular skip of breakfast generate serious health ailments and side effects.

What we eat in the dinner got digested in the next day, so when you wake up in the morning the stomach has nothing to offer, the level of glucose which gives energy to the body will be decreased, thereby taking the food in the morning is vital to recover the energy immediately. Breakfast provides the sufficient energy of a day and exercises you without tired. Morning food will control the calorie requirement of the day. Survey also states that morning food should be well nutritious and very important for the growing and school going children.

Teach / Practice the children to take the breakfast and remove the sense of food ignorance. In our place, usually we are giving importance to Idli, Dosa, Appam, Idiyappam, Puttu, Pongal, Uppuma as breakfast food items. These foods are prepared from bran removed rice, so you have to give attention that these foods are nutritious in our breakfast time.

If we add the urad dal with Idli rice batter then only it become nutritious, sambhar prepared from fresh vegetables is enriched with vitamin c and fiber is the best combination of Idli. Some says “Sambhar is a Vegetable Soup.”

Nutritious loaded “Idli and Sambar is the ideal healthiest breakfast food for the children” is attested through the survey made in Tamilnadu.

Idli and Sambhar in breakfast will save you…. Idli and Sambhar is a complete meal.

                                                                                                        Sources: Vikatan E Magazine

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