Saturday, June 28, 2014

Badam Kulfi - Almond Kulfi


Badam (almonds) – 250g
Bread slices (Medium) – 6 nrs
Milk – ½ litre
Glucose Powder – 65g
Saffron – a pinch

Method of Preparation

1.     Soak the badam in hot water for half an hour, peel the skin of badam and grind it nicely with little water in mixie.

2.     Remove the crust of bread slices, Pour little milk over bread slices and drench it for half an hour. Boil the remaining milk in vessel. After 15 minutes boiling, add the glucose powder, mix it and boil. Take out the drenched bread slices and paste it in mixie.

3.     Add the saffron,bread and badam paste in boiling milk. Stir it continuously.

4.     Simmer it for another 10 minutes. Take out of fire, let the kulfi mixture to get cool.

5.     After that mix and pour the kulfi mixture into the kulfi moulds. Keep it in the freezer for a day and it is now ready for your celebration.

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