Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beetroot Jam

 Beetroot – 500g
 Ghee – 100ml
 Cashewnuts and Sultanas – 50g each
 Crushed Cardamom – 1tsp
 Sugar to taste

Method of Preparation

1.     Cut the beetroot into cubes and boil it well. Fine paste the boiled beetroot in mixie.

2.     Heat ghee in heavy bottomed vessel, add cardamom and beetroot paste. Stir it well till the water content in the beetroot is evaporated and ghee appears on the top.

3.     Add the sugar, mix and stir it again.

4.     Add the Cashewnuts and sultanas. Stir it again for few minutes.

5.     Use this jam for many food items as dip. Handle and store the Beetroot jam wisely for long days use. You can prepare the carrot jam by using the same method.

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