Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sambar – Icon of Indian Cuisine

Sambar is considered as our India's National dish due to its global familiarity. It is special because the statement in ancient literature judged sambar as the ancient food. The type of dal used in sambar differentiates its taste, variety and colour. Sometimes Sambar varieties also gets the name of dal what we use it in the preparation. Do you believe that more than 25 varieties of sambar is available throughout India? So Sambar is being the symbol of our Indian food culture. What is the special aspect of Sambar? It is the dish we could prepare and serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Originally sambar was a mix of dal and vegetables. After the influence of Persian rulers in India, sambar was taken into a new version of adding meat, different dals and vegetables. This gave a new taste and was available in different names.

Eventhough sambar is a popular food of India, this unique dish originated from Tamilnadu. In olden days, sambhar was called as “SAMBHARAM” which meant ‘Reduced’ or ‘Ground.’ The Tamil inscriptions of 1530 CE prove that sambar is the home dish of Tamilians. Literatures also mentioned that sambar is tempered with clarified butter. This information is the evidence to the contradiction of saying that sambar was introduced by the Marathi rulers in Tamilnadu who started ruling Tamilnadu after 1675. In those days sambar was made and served like KOOTU or KALAVAI.

Sambar powder is an enhancer of Sambar’s taste and flavour which can be prepared in different forms but try out our recommended recipe for your home style sambar.

Turmeric Powder – 20g
Dry redchillies – 1kg
Coriander seeds – 1 kg
Peppercorns – 15g
Channa dal – 1 kg
Toor dal – ¾ kg
Urad dal – 100g
Jeera seeds – 100g
Curry leaves – 150g
Asafoetida – 30g
Fenugreek seeds – 20g

Dry roast the above ingredients and then fine powder it. Later sieve and store it in air tight container.

Use this sambar powder to make best sambar and your neighbours wish to join in your meals.

Have a best sambar in your meals,,, lets enjoy with icon....

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