Thursday, March 21, 2013

Madurai Special - Moinkha

Even though, the young generation inducted their food habit with modern foods like pizza, burger, our grandma and grandpa aged nutritious village foods such kuzhaiputtu, paniyaram, kuzhu kanji grace is not declined in Madurai.

Witness many food carts (thalluvandi) around Madurai streets and bazzar, those carts have many forgotten food items of other cities (the same may be declined from the food custom). This says that Maduraitties are brilliant in enjoying and tasting the food. If you make a visit to Madurai Meenakshi bazzar, you observe colourful and strings food items in cart. Among that yellow coloured wringled strings (Noodles) are Moinkha. After hearing the name, you feel there is no relation between moinkha and us. Of course, this is a traditional food from Burma. Moinkha means preserved or conserved food.

We have a controversy for many years, who had introduced the noodles either China or Italy? The recent archeological study through Chinese inscriptions reveals the presence of noodles in Chinese food customs during 300 A.C., through information; researchers gave an answer for the long year’s pending debate. In this form, the pride of introducing noodles is for Asians.

Though China was the introducer, now many other countries are in the taste clutch of Noodles. Noodles entered India during Second World War, from last ten years noodles food completely dominated our nation.

Initial stage the Burmian refugees introduced and sold the noodles varieties in food cart at large cities of Tamil Nadu. In course of time big companies get into the market and introduced packed noodles at doorstep thus scatter the food cart business.

Moinkha is a simple, comfortable evening tiffin and nutritious too. Moinkha noodle is specially prepared in Maida (refined flour). Also, garlic and onion fried in hot oil. Steamed noodles, fried onions and garlic combined together after that Paejha, specially made bread is crushed over the noodles. In blending with raw rice flour, soaked bengal gram is mixed and deep fried in hot oil, is called Paejha. Over this mixture coriander leaves is sprinkled and plantain pith soup is poured. Now the Moinkha is ready to eat.

Indeed….. Flavour kindles the nose and tastes touch the taste buds.

Don’t miss to taste Moinkha at Madurai Meenakshi bazzar……

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