Thursday, January 10, 2013

Suthu Meetai - God of Country Sweet

If you step down in Southern side of Tamil Nadu, you could see two feet tall beautifully stack up Suthu meetai at any direction you turn around. It is known here in different names such as Sembu meetai, Sreeni Meetai, Karuppati Meetai, Festival Meetai. 

Suthu Meetai is the sweet exchange by bride and groom family as a marriage gift while visiting each other’s house. Suthu Meetai presence is must for all temple festival celebrations. This Suthu meetai is completely relate to the life and culture of Nadar Community.

Suthu Meetai is most commonly available in the flavour and coat of Palm Jaggery and Sugar. But palm jaggery meetai stole the hearts of people who enjoys its taste, but depression in palm business made available of Palm jaggery based Sreeni Meetai is little tough these days. Tiruchendur and Sattur are the Southern cities in Tamilnadu which address for this unique country sweet.

Uruttu Uzhundam Paruppu (whole urad dal) is used for making, it is known as Kuthu Paruppu here. They make powder out of 200g urad dal and slight coarsely done with 11/2 Kg of Raw rice separately. Then they combining 60g dosa batter and another 100g of urad dal batter well and allow to fermenting overnight.

Next this fermented mixture is nicely folding with urad dal and raw rice powder. Further it is taking to the little thicker dosa batter consistency and rests this mixture for fermentation up to 3 hours.
Two kadai’s are used, one is filled with groundnut oil for deep frying and another with consistent sugar syrup or palm jaggery syrup. They have special apparatus for piping the batter, it is a brass or bronze cup (sembu in Tamil) have small hole underneath.
Subsequently fill this sembu with meetai batter and it should pipe in to continuous narrow round shape. It should be piped along the side of kadai then only get the beautiful and perfect shape of meetai.
Take out suthu meetai from oil without changing its original whitish colour and must the inner is cooked. Drop it in to the boiling sugar syrup and allow to bath for 5 minutes. Stacking or arranging the Sreeni Meetai is a technological one, Sreeni meetai is neatly arrange in the plate as tall in round shape after that meetai surface is heavily brushed with thick sugar syrup. Once it dried up this syrup coating gives new look to the Meetai. This is a technology of stacking and end.
Also this traditional sweet is available in very cheap rate.
Sure, the taste compromises and makes your tongue dance.
Have a tasty peek to Suthu Meetai.

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