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Feast of Kurma – KEDAH VIRUNDHU

Kurma is a hot favourite dip for south Indian people…….. Why it got that much important in our diet? I shall list my preferred answer as FLAVOUR, TASTE, CONSISTENCY and all time best GO for any food stuff. Kurma is such a very few dishes you have feel slight identical on above said points in any part of India.

Kedah Kurma is a special Mutton Kurma preparation in Southern Tamilnadu during local festivals. This preparation has special taste because lots of considerations on selecting male goat (Kedah). Among the selection of goat, the growth of flesh in neck is important before slaughter.

Flavour & Taste – Ginger and garlic paste is an instrumental in spur the flavour of any type of Kurma when it mixes with spices. Some add ginger and garlic paste in two stages to increase the spice and Kurma flavour thus frying onion is one stage and while making coconut paste is another. Revamp the coconut masala flavour in separately fried spices is a new perfect option.

As a new try in taste twist, Khus Khus (Poppy Seeds) would be fried with spices at that time of seasoning spices in oil rather than usual grinding with coconut. Finishing touch with few drops of lemon juice which stops cloud formation over top and preserve the shelf life.
Consistency – Mashable ingredients potato, greenpeas in vegetable Kurma ascertain the regularity. Potato is an important characteristic to soften the meat much better and defend the meat from breakage while cooking. Onion and tomato have to fry separately, paste it and use for better yield. 

Let’s get in to the kitchen to prepare yummy village style Kedah (Mutton) Kurma

Onion – 2 Kg                                                       Cinnamon stick – 5g
Tomato – 1 Kg                            
Cloves – 3g
Ginger – 210g                                   
Garlic – 170g                           
Saunf – 6 g
Chilli powder – 25g                        
Mace – 2g
Dhania Powder – 25g                     
Mint leaves – 150g
Coconut – 2                    
Coriander leaves – 100g                        
Poppy Seeds – 10g                      
Turmeric powder – 6g
Cashewnuts – 30g                         
Garam masala – 5g
Mutton – 3Kg                                                
Salt and water ad required
Vanaspati, Ghee and Refined Oil – 1 ½ liters (combined)            
Cumin Seeds – 2g
Green chillies – 08g
Cardamom – 1g                

Separately fry the sliced onion, tomato and fine paste it keep aside.  
Make ginger and garlic paste. Now dry fry the spices one by one alone. 

Make a Kurma paste very finely (without any spice granules) with grated coconut, Poppy seeds, cashewnuts and all fried spices then keep it away. Boil the mutton along masala powder, coriander and mint leaves in pressure cooker up to mutton tenderize.

Heat the fat in heavy bottomed hundi, add the onion paste and slitted green chillies fry it for 5 minutes. Then add tomato paste fry both get mix well. Add ginger and garlic paste and cook till raw flavour goes out. Now add the masala powder one by one except garam masala and coriander powder. Moderate the fire and Stir continuously, cook for another 7 minutes.

Now see the red colour appears over the gravy. In this time add mint and coriander leaves, boiled mutton pieces and mix all together.

Then pour 6 litres of water, once it starts boil then add coriander powder and salt. Let it to boil well for another 10 minutes. Now you can realize the gravy flavour, at this time add coconut paste mix well. Reduce the flame and cover the lid for another 15 minutes.

Finish with fine chopped coriander leaves, garam masala and ghee. Mix all well, now turns off the flame and covers the lid for another 10 minutes. 

Serve it hot with your mind like dishes


Add some chilli powder in oil first fry it for few seconds to improve the gravy’s red colour then add remaining masala power. Also you can add the spices in seasoning time rather than grinding with coconut.

12g of poppy seeds (Khus Khus), 2g of Saunf, 30g of ginger and 15g garlic are enough for a coconut to prepare 2 litres of Kurma.

Hope above recipe shall make some refresh in your Mutton recipes.

Fill your plate with steamy white rice and Mutton Kurma. Let’s enjoy the taste.

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