Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why the Sarkarai Pongal is offering in the temple????

Why the Sarkarai Pongal is offering at Tamilnadu temple as Prasadham???

       Originally the Sarkarai Pongal is offered to devotees before the feast in Tamilnadu village temples, the reason behind offering sarkarai Pongal as prasadham is to put off their hungriness for next few hours. So we would eat the feast food well and also the serving of prasadham would energize the mind, soul and stomach.

    Sarkarai Pongal is made of jaggery, rice, dal, banana and Coconut. Sucrose in jaggery (Vellam), Carbs in rice, Protein in dal, glucose in banana, cholesterol in coconut of Sarkarai Pongal would bring the joyness to your body and soul.

Always there is a thousand meanings on our ancestors says and rituals,

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