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Makhni Gravy or Butter Masala

If you have Naan or Roti before your table, what would you suggest us an accompaniment? Your eyes would stroll to the menu card to find the creamy cashew gravy for your stuff. Yes it is your lovely Makhni gravy. 

There are few dishes in Indian food which are most popular and recognized worldwide and Makhni Gravy also has a special place for it. This is most favourite food of any Indian Food restaurant. The taste of Makhni is accepted both by the vegetarian and Non -vegetarian food lovers. Butter in Hindi means "Makhan", Makhni gravy is prepared by using butter generously. Often it is stylishly known as “Butter Masala.”

North Indian food tastes and flavours are mostly highlighted by the Makhni gravy which is widely used in other North Indian food preparation. One part of onion and two parts of tomato is the basic ratio in Makhni gravy preparation; these are pasted then cooked in butter which increases the taste.

Cashew paste, Cream, honey and butter are added to bring the Makhni gravy to creamy texture. The original fragrance and taste is excelled by bringing in Kasthuri Methi leaves. Sometime this is called as the National Dish of India by food enthusiasts. This has the bit spicy, sweet and tangy taste which is well balanced and that may be the reason for everyone to like the Makhni dishes. Makhni dish tastes good with Naan, Roti or Indian Breads, Pulao and Biriyani. Interestingly, due to its delectable taste and creamy texture, in some foreign countries the Makhni gravy is served as Sweet.

This shall be great for us to know the preparation of Makhni gravy in the food outlets. If you know the basic recipe, you could surprise your family with Makhni dish with restaurant taste and save your weekend budget. For that purpose I share with you the best Makhni Gravy recipe.

Preparation method of Makhni Gravy

Onion, sliced – 1 1/2 kg
Tomato paste - 2kg
Ginger and garlic paste – 3tbsp
Butter – 200gms
Refined oil – 150ml
Cinnamon – 2sticks
Cardamom – 4nrs
Cloves – 5nrs
Cumin seeds – ¼ tsp
Biriyani Leaves – 1nr
Star anise – 1nr
Mace – 1 blade
Kalpasi – a little
Kashmiri Chilli powder – 3tbsp
Chilli powder – 1 tbsp
Coriander powder – 3tbsp
Cumin powder – 2tbsp
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Cashewnut paste – 250g
Salt to taste
Honey – 1 tbsp
Fresh cream – 100ml
Dry Kasoori Methi leaves (fenugreek leaves) – 1tsp


1. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed kadai, sauté the onion till golden colour. Then take it out from kadai let it to be cool, after that grind it well.

2. Heat butter and oil in a heavy bottomed kadai, add the whole garam masala now. Once it splutter add tomato paste, fry it well in butter.

3. Add the ground onion paste and ginger, garlic paste. Stir continuously then add masala powders one by one. Sauté it up to the oil separates from masala.

4. Once it is sautéed enough, add the boiled cashew paste. Mix and cook for another 10 minutes in slow flame.

5. End with fresh cream, fenugreek leaves, honey and butter. Mix and take it out from fire.

6. Garnish with swirl of fresh cream. Serve hot with Pulao and Indian Breads

Note: This is only the preparation method of Makhni gravy, you would add your choice of fundamental ingredient with the same.
Now you tell me Makhni gravy or Butter Masala?

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