Saturday, October 26, 2013

Food Tape Poster Unveiled

Dear Friends, Mentors, Supporters and Well wishers,

Most glad to unveil the Food Tape poster and happy to say that I am in the process to launch an exclusive food tube channel named “Food Tape” in Youtube as soon. This space is dedicated to the food lovers and who all initiated me for this front.

I am looking your generous support to extend the Food Tape views and subscription. Don’t be as stranger, come and join with me by clicking the below given subscription link of the Food Tape page. This subscription is available free and the food tape will upload every week. You will get the beautiful recipes and the easy cooking methods on your favourites. You could share your recipes, food thoughts then you could be with me through my food programmes and funny footages. 

So, come and join with the Food Tape family. Please tell me, what you want on screen and your latest food stuffs. Visit the link and press subscribe -

Pray for all my deeds and thanking you 

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