Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Face of Hospitality Studies

A Colourful life, can cruise, Career at luxury hotels, fly all over the world as Air Hostess, become entrepreneur, Profession at Corporate houses…… Options are plenty.

Visiting travelers and customers are expecting high in regard of the value to their payment. The service industry requires skilled employees to meet out their desires and to cater specialized services. This is the root cause for the establishment of the Hotel management training institutes all over the world.

Curriculum pattern changes as per the affiliation of the institute, but it is designed on the basis of the current requirements of the service industry. Everyone who enters in to the hospitality studies have a thought that it is all about cooking. Other than culinary arts the programme consists of four major operational subjects and few allied subjects. The four operational subjects are Food production, F&B Service, Accommodation and Front office. The duration of the course depends upon the board or university. Besides the theoretical papers the Operational subjects consists of practical papers in which the students will be trained in the laboratories by a professional trainer. Some universities include project works in the curriculum there by helping the students to get into the current happenings.

“Observation = Application” is the mantra of training. Hands on Training are the discerned fact of hospitality studies. Industrial Exposure Training (IET) is also the part of curriculum. The students can be trainees at various leading star hotels under different departments. The IET period varies from 3 months to 6 months, based on the curriculum or the skill based requirements of the student.

During this period, students will receive the culinary knowledge from the Training Kitchen of the college. The students attain different serving styles, menu compiling, mixing, selling techniques by thorough practical activities at Training Restaurant and Mock Bar.

Campus Placement
Placement service is the heart throb of the hospitality education. Revised wage packages in the hotel industry show interest among the students to join the industry. Group discussion, Product Knowledge test, Personal interview are conducted in the campus interview. In Kitchen the selected candidates are asked for the Food trial at the concerned hotel. As per the test result, their salary and position will be fixed by the Organisation. In F&B Service, the candidates have to do menu planning and lay the cover on table as per the planned menu. As per the quality of the candidates the organisation will decide their position, Entry level, Management Trainee, Hotel Operational Trainee, Executive Assistant etc., .

Guidance for choosing hotel schools
Check the college have any affiliation with Universities, National Bodies etc.,
Check who is running and managing the institution
Faculty Profiles
Students beneficiaries activities done by the hotel management school
Check the worthiness of the institution for your valuable payment
Analyze the family strength (money) and your potential
Norms of the college
Placement Services

My golden words for one who wishes to opt for the hospitality courses,
Hundreds of training institutes in India, among only 5 - 8% are decent to good.

Needs lot of patience, competence, eagerness to learn, application of knowledge, hard work…..

These are the secrets to succeed in the hospitality arena.
All the very best for choosing hospitality studies / hotel schools…. Touch with me on any queries.

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