Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swine Flu (H1N1) Kashayam

Being the most talkable disease of recent days, claiming lives and alarming each one to take precautionary measures, we need to guard ourselves from this vulnerable H1N1.

In Tamilnadu, raining has started and it causes spreading of the diseases more fastly. As a Chef, It is my duty to recommend some medicinally valued food or drink to the society. Following this interest I bring down new H1N1 Precaution Kashayam.

Kashayam is an extracted medicinal drink from different varieties of herbs and spices. Its medicinal properties are better to cure or prevent you from all illness. I was very careful in adding each ingredient to the Kashayam recipe and all the ingredients are mentioned in ayurvedic script for its H1N1 preventive nature. The new H1N1 Kashayam increases the immunity as well as protects you from the clutch of all rainy season’s illness.



Tulsi (Basil)

Small Onions (Shallots)

Betel leaves


Garlic Cloves

Amla (Gooseberry)


Dried Ginger

Palm Jaggery

Method of Preparation

1. Crush a little small onion, peppercorns, garlic, amla, dried ginger and gloves. Add little Neem leaves.

2. Add the crushed and the remaining ingredients except palm jaggery in cold water. Simmer till the water reduced to half.

3. Strain it, squeeze the residue well with ladle to extract the essence and add Palm Jaggery into the decoction.

This H1N1 Kashayam can act as an antiviral, antibacterial medicine or as an antidote. It strengthens the body, boosts immunity level and defence mechanism. It regulate body temperature, stabilize blood circulation and has fever reducing properties etc.,

Taking a cup per two week will be better to stay away from all diseases. Sure it will be bitter but good to sip in piping hot. Before ending, I would like to say a statement from ayurvedic scripts…..

Langanam Parama Avusadham” means resting (fasting) is a best medicine. Periodical fasting is good, advisable and heightens your immunity level.

Have a good health with the H1N1 Kashayam.

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