Saturday, August 28, 2010

Murukku – A Sentimental Snack …..

Murukku is a common snack preferred by all ages in all seasons and it being as a gifted bite in South India. Murukku adorned all festive seasons in Tamilnadu and it is a sentimental savoury of here. Some use their hands to prepare the Murukku, which one called Suthu (twisted) Murukku. (Twist the dough around the pebble). Murukkus are available in many varieties and name...... manapparai murukku, achu murukku, kaara murukku and more…

The mixing of ingredients is one of the prime factors in all cooking, Use 500g raw rice flour to 100g urad dal, recent day’s good quality readymade Murukku flours are available in different brand names.

You would know the preparation of this unique savoury but I just reveal you my experienced instructions to prepare the tastiest Murukku.


A tsp of soda bi carbonate gives natural taste, colour and flavour to the Murukku. As more, the soda and fresh oil together incorporates new taste to it.

In one word crispiness alone makes the murukku tastier, to get crisp form add little dalda (vanaspati) into the dough mixture, assure you for the better texture and crispiness. Adding the correct quantity of urad dal also gives the crispiness. Crispiness longer the shelf life.

Fry the murukku in well heated oil as much possible use the fresh oil. you include masalas (redchilli powder) and colour for the spicy murukku.

Drain the murukku well and store it in air tight container

Just try my quantity

Branded murukku flour – 500g
Urad dal – 100g
Vanaspati – 50g
Jeera seeds – 1/2 tsp
Black sesame seeds – a little
Saunf – a little
Basil – a little
Salt – as required and water

Use the above basic murukku quantity to prepare the variety of murukku at your home. (karukku murukku) Hearing the biting sound … continue… hey because of karukku murukku noise it so called murukku.... ????? ssssssss hhaha...

Happy eating and cooking…


S. Susan Deborah said...

Ah, I just like murukkus. I cannot resist the spicy ones. The rose-cookies I will have only when there is nothing else to eat but the other murukkus, I just cannot stop eating. We make them at home for Christmas :)

Have a great Sunday!

Joy and peace,

Chef M.S.Rajmohan said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your response to my postings. I understood your love at murukku hahha..

Touch you with other interesting postings.


Chef Raj

gtyuk said...

Hi Chef,

loved the karukku murukku explanation :)
my favourite variety is the kai murukku (the twisted ones), I simply love it . thanks for the recipe and the tips and also for the compliments on my recipes. glad to have found yours, happy blogging !!