Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love you, dear “Kesari”……

“I haven't tasted the Kesari like before” this word dropped from my mouth, after I have experienced to taste the typical Kesari at a tea stall. This is not like a regular Kesari but what I have enjoyed on that stall makes my feelings doubles on Kesari….. I Love you, dear…

Unlike others, Kesari not includes costly ingredients, no complicated secrets behind the preparation, at last its very easiest one to prepare by anyone. That’s the reason it’s available in all good seasons, it is indispensable from the kitchens of Tamilnadu.

Kesari is an only sweet dish, being a perfect match taken with South Indian breakfast and also tastes with a  in the evening time. Sure all the sweet needs much care on the quantity, consistency, preparation and much more. But Kesari doesn’t want any peculiar attention like glossy sweets.

Amount of adding vanaspati or desi ghee gives very fine texture, combo of semolina, sugar and vanaspati induces the taste. Fried Cashewnuts, raisins, heavenly treated cardamom, winking tutti frutti and each added ingredients in Kesari brings it gorgeous. In Tamilnadu, I believe Brahmin's hands are extraordinarily good in the Kesari preparation.

Reduced quantity of Vanaspati or ghee makes the Kesari to cut into pieces. But if we added adequate amount of vanaspati from half of the quantity of Semolina, that we can scoop it off. 100 percent of my voice goes to the scooping consistency Kesari, that only taster much better than other.

How you get this scooping consistency, by adding more water? NO… then ???

Try out my ratio one part of semolina and two parts of water and sugar.

Turn your stove, blissing……. Simple and Sweet. Share me your post preparation views.

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