Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making of Best Crispy Vadas

Vadai – that name is very common, familiar one in the far and wide of Tamilnadu. It’s a custom of accommodate the houses on all the auspicious days.

Venpongal, sambhar, chutnies and Vadai are the god blessing breakfast in Tamilnadu, the best breakfast not end up with the vadai here. Go anywhere on the Tamilnadu roadside, your eyes never missed this nicely stacked Vadais in the tea stall.

Tea and Vadai are the good friends in combination. Throughout the India, one can taste vadai in different taste, texture also that prepare with different ingredients.

Paruppu Vadai called Aamma Vadai, Urundai Vadai and mouthwatering, melting Ulunthuvadai called Methu vadai. Different recipes, tips are airing for the making of vadai; I am very splendid to give my following best simple ideas of making a secret of best vadas,

Soaking time of dal shouldn’t go above 20minutes at any cost. If you soak it for long time, the vadai will not raise. Sprinkle little water at the time of grinding the mixture for Methuvada, the consistency should be like halwa, wouldn’t stick it in your hand and very soft.

You got the medu vada mixture in right consistency, there is no need of adding soda salt and Rice flour and if you like you can add little rice flour for crispiness. Don’t add water while grinding for paruppu vadai, it ooze out the water at the time of grinding how much it absorbed during the time of soaking. You can grind it little coarsely. This mixture is lack of consistency you can add little Bengal gram to correct the stability.

Keep away little quantity of Bengal gram dal after soak it out, add that later to the grinded mixture, it gives better texture and taste to the Aamaa Vadai. To make Urundai vadai use the same tips as like paruppu vadai, but no need to keep the Bengal gram, especially you can grind the mixture finely for this preparation. Give much attention on the temperature of the hot oil.

Asafoetida, Greenchillies, Coriander leaves, Curryleaves, Jeera, Bellari Onion, Peppercorns, Saunf are the common ingredients using for each vadais, that adds nourishing and special taste.

I am guarantee that’s the best and shortest tips for making a great vadai, follow that go ahead with your new tasty vadai attempt.

“Hats off for the South Indian vadas…..” anyone heard about the Sutta vadai, its available in our resto…..

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