Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food As Medicine

Very sorry and be patient to read this lengthy posting.

But I felt it’s necessary for everyone, how the food act as medicine….

Food….!!!! That’s all the handsome needs of human. Without food, nothing. Our body is constructed by the food. At the age of new born baby we are 3 kg, now we are 70 kg. How this much enormous growth has happened? All by the food…. am I right …. ?

Food is a state to cure all the diseases, as same it is an important one for all sickness. While taking food the time, quantity, quality, nature, type has been considered to help for the quick assimilation. Digestion is strength, indigestion is a weakness (reason for all diseases-health disturbances) for our body. Digestion will be different from food to food, that mean gastric juice secretion gets differ, that’s the enzyme responsible for the digestion, alternately if we takes different food items that required more time to digest, results problem in digestion.

Taste is not in the food, its all about our tongue. Food are categorized into two, living food and non-living food.

Living food means cooking the food without destroying its nutritional values. In this category natural foods like vegetables, fruits, sprouts etc., are the best. All the food substances contain the sugar, but not these natural foods. Living foods are the best dietary food stuffs, it must be present in the diet menu those wants to burn their calories.

At the time of sprouting pulses the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals level gets increased, the sugar and fat level get reduced. Steaming is an excellent cooking method; it is not much disturbing the nutritional values. It exposes the ingredients added in that one and makes the digestion as easier.

Non – living food means a food hasn’t any nutritional value, totally a flat food. We can say all the deep fried food substances (potato chips, French fries), it’s all the venomous for our body.

Heart attack and Blood pressure are the most popular threatening malady of India. High intake of the fat and sodium both are responsible for these diseases. We all like the fat very much, we didn’t eat a food without oil floating on the top of any dishes, that much fond we are, with fat. is n't it ???? Alas...
Hormones are treated to butchery meat & poultry making a growth as faster than normal. It’s called as Hormone treated food, Example a meat weighs 2kg means, 1 kg is meat and another Kg is absolutely a hidden fat, which one marbled between the meat fibers.

We got happy if give away some ice-cream, chocolate like preservative food items to our children’s, how many of you know the hidden dangerous presents in that food?

Preservative foods are the dangerous one for our health, have high level of sodium content. On present day’s obesity is a common among the children’s and elders. As we eat more preservative foods, the chemical properties added in that will goes to our stomach, arrest the chemical reactions happening in our digestion time. It will not convert the fat to fatty acids and carbs to glucose. It will gift us the serious diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and more.

Any way you may observe my points, it’s a wonderful discourse recently I listened, share your views on it. Have right, proportionate food know your body before choosing the food.

Keep in mind choose the food items as per your work nature; minimize the quantity of food in the night time.

Eat healthy food, live long healthly…..

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