Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today’s Household Tips

Today’s Household Tips

1.Put dry redchillies while boiling dals, this will make dal boils faster.

2.Add little sugar when you are cooking greens (Keerai). If you do like this the green’s colour and flavour will not change also it keeps the greens taster.

3.Apply little oil over the egg to protect it from spoilage.

4.Put dry curry leaves in storage box of dals which will keep away the insects. 

5.Whenever it possible try to use curd to clean plate, it easily removes the deposit of oil substance over the plate and makes your plates as new one.

6. In case if you prepare the curd very late and it not reach to that ferment taste, put some broken green chillies or dry redchilies on top and keep it for few hours. This method faster the fermentation.

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