Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raj Food Philosophy

“My philosophy to food is simple, I could say food is a reformer of our soul and eating is one of life’s greatest happiness. The stage by stage difference in human body since from our birth happens due to food, I believe, our human body is fibered out of food.

Often we say that recipe is a center of cooking. I say, rather following recipes very strictly; possible keep this as guidelines for your cooking. I believe, Cook and add ingredients according to your sense, mind and the expected taste of your end product, these all make the cooking as your life pleasures. While one steps ahead we simply called it as Kai Manam (Skilled Cooking). Though the food has close bond with cooking when it is stimulated and twisted in right time, this ride highlights “Art of Cooking”.

On Heritage Food, I am telling, how much serious you are in protecting the genuineness in your food? As like our historical signs, the heritage food of our nation also speaks our traditional value. We are all not here for turning the food in to enemy and the present food habit makes us so afraid. Transfer the food culture of our generation through healthy approach to food and teach them better eating. If you do so, that will develop new chapter or revolution in food. So I am saying create huge awareness about healthy eating to our generation from very young stage and let’s go for the stage of balanced food.”

Promise yourself for rediscovering authentic food sense.

Huge love

Chef.Rajj M

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