Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PAROTTA – Short Notes

Parotta - a word and food are very much fused with South Indian’s life. Parotta stall, you could see at least one stall in each street and it is an economic food business in Tamilnadu. Maida is a fundamental ingredient in Parotta making thus came to South India during the time of famine in Second World War. Maida is a kind of starch taking out from wheat, arrowroot or sometimes tapioca and have no fibers or vitamins. It gives much work to our digestive organ, takes longer time for assimilation so this is best for labours.

Spreading Parotta is an art. It is not easy for everyone to do. It is like exhibition and entertainment to observe the way Parotta is spreading without torn, folding and rolling at last cooking it over tawa and pat with both hands to make it soft. After kneaded the dough tightly, the dough has been made in to balls though called as “Peda”. This peda is applied with enough oil after that covered with damp cloth and allowed for proofing. Talks are there, Parotta was introduced in South India by Punjabis. Parotta’s origin may somewhere but plenty of Parotta varieties, the style of spreading and folding can’t do by anyone other than South Indian Parotta stall. 

Parotta is fondly called by different names, taste and shape in different places. Veeranur border Parotta in Sencottah, Ambasamudrum Kal Parotta, Virudhunagar Ennai (oil) parotta, Panchu Parotta of Theni, Uttamapalayam Inippu Parotta, Veechu parotta, Sankarankoil Kothu Parotta, Tanjavur Shanthi Dalda Parotta, Patambi Parotta, Natham Ennai Parotta like addresses the name plenty. 

Soft Parotta always received acclaim which served with tastiest salna (stew). The side dish called in different names from place to place like Salna, Kurma, Servai, Kulambu. Commonly Country Chicken Curry and Chops served in most parotta stalls as well few more serves Sodhi and Sambhar for vegetarian lovers. Parotta side dish is quite famous in Kerala. Kadalai Curry (chick peas curry), Kappa Curry (tapioca curry), Green Peas Khurma, Beef Ularthiyathu (Beef fry), Muttai Curry (Egg Curry)….. these respects parotta. 

As like parotta we surely require separate column to write on side dish. I end up here now.
Amazing!!!!!!! to see how the??????

Ordinary food became indispensable fast food in our food schedule… Happy to write you parotta…

Tasty and Enticing Parottaaaahhh…….

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I can not watch the videos posted under Porotta short notes.Please can you repost them?Also please can you post a recipe for the extra soft porottas in star hotels