Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to make HomeMade Paneer | Indian Cheese

PANEER  --> is a star food ingredient in Indian Cooking…. Many of them are eager to receive different Paneer recipes also the good procedure to make the HomemadePaneer. May be the below stuff will be helpful to the readers :)

1. Use the fresh thick milk to prepare paneer. Do not use already boiled milk for making the paneer (this may be the remaining milk that you have used to prepare Tea or Coffee

2. Roll boil the milk well before you add the lemon juice or Vinegar for milk separation. Once you added the milk separation agents, mix it well and bring the milk into slow flame.

3.  You could add little curd and a pinch of salt along with the lemon juice / Vinegar to separate the milk. This method helps to get the soft texture paneer.

4. Once the milk is separated, use muslin cloth to strain out the whey water. Press out the water from strained milk solids.

5. Keep some weight over the milk solids for one hour to give the firm shape. This time the milk solids must be in the same muslin cloth.

6. Wrap the paneer with damp cloth and keep it in refrigerator to get the soft, chewy and fresh paneer. Cut the paneer into cubes whenever we needs in the cooking.

7. Quality of the milk is most important to produce the good texture Paneer. Usually the Paneer made of Packed milk in India is in chewy texture.

8. Quantity ---> Milk  - 1 litre, lemon juice - 2tbsp, Curd - 3tbsp, Salt - a pinch



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