Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why the Sesame rice is offering as Prasadham???

There is a good reason for every ritual customs:-

I just think of that Why Ellu Sadham (Sesame seeds Rice) is serving as neivedhyam in the Temple

In Tamil there is a say, “Ellaithavanukku Ellu”. Sesame seeds contain high iron which strengthens the human body and provide good stamina. The oil presence in the sesame refreshes the body from tiredness. Our ancestors were the hard workers in the olden days, so Ellu sadham kind foods are offered as Neivdhayam (oblation) to the devotees for the above said good cause.

Eppam puriyuthaaa, Ethukku Koduthankanuu….. Aduthaa thadava koil ponninganaa kandippa vangi sapittittu naan sonathaa yocingaa…

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