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Laughing curry - South Indian Food & Beverage Solutions

Laughing curry is my premier food and beverage consultancy team which expertise in providing complete restaurant solutions to people who desire to establish South Indian and Indian food retail concepts. Our laughing curry services are best in considering the value of your budget. Our young dedicated team is keen and flexible for the quality services that best suits for your profitable restaurant business. Our services are not concluded as simply food and beverages solution provider, we guarantee for the bond of your stable business growth and future bridge.

Our research team has made research collections on various cuisines and different foods in South India. We are professional in providing ethnic and authentic cuisine development as to the demand of the contemporary market potential of your place.

Why the name Laughing Curry? Joyous laughing environment brings in energy and prosperity in work beyond our expectations. I believe and like the great laughing background. I don’t want my team name to be let down from laughing – so my passionate team is named as Laughing Curry.

Our broad scope of services meets the need of every client                                              
Menu Engineering
Competition Judging


We supply the professionals for your restaurant business at demand basis in all levels of your operation. We provide the man power as team to your establishment as this team shall be trained suitably to the need of your restaurant concept. Our great team will be more dedicated to flourish your business and be a great initiative for the growth and success. Over these years we have placed our team in different successful concepts and they directly involve for the increase of profits. 

We offer our professional manpower in following specializations

Food Production
Customer Service
Restaurant Management


Training is the foundation for the business to have control over your concept and set up long lasting process to your valuable business. The training transforms the staff to your business environment thereby enriching the work efficiency among the staff. The training identifies thrust areas and thus helps to minimise the errors. Training produces better communication channel, provides current technical knowledge and subordinates to understand the responsibility thereby providing the quality service up to the customer satisfaction.

Our Experts Training areas includes

Chef Training
Product training
Chef Motivation
Identifying the right raw materials 
Food Product development
Kitchen Management system
Restaurant Management System

Menu Engineering

The success of the restaurant business heavily relies on the product we offer in our menu.” Customer is our boss” is the foremost term for us before we conceptualize the menu for your business. So the menu shall be pivoted to the customer’s wish, that’s the reason our customer oriented menu is always receives huge response and generates great foot fall. Our team is continuously in research and development to develop the South Indian earthy cuisines to bring it commercial.

We are experts in developing the menu in traditional South Indian and North Indian Food cuisines and also masters in concept development of our research cuisine Thalavai Nadu. We prepare the menu in innovative, fusion South Indian food to the need of quick service restaurant with contemporary touch.

Recipe is the embryo of the Menu; the recipe is standardized through stages of training. The standardization in recipe brings quality in product, Food cost management, staffing, Store management, yield, Portion size & Control, Systemized kitchen operation and cuts down the raw materials wastages.

Standardizing the recipe helps to strengthen the menu thus creates durability in our establishment.

Recipe development
Recipe Standardization
Preparing recipe document
Recipe Assemble
Trial Test


Our Chef Raj Mohan is easy – going chef so his interactive hands on cooking demonstration / workshop brings the clients to brush up the ideas to prepare new dishes in relaxed and social environment. Chef Raj Mohan is expertise in new product launch demonstration thus involves the client to use the product conveniently. His elaborate talk on theme and comprehensible step by step cooking methods creates appeal to audiences.

He is regularly invited by the catering schools for interactive cooking demonstration to train the young aspirant chefs (students).

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