Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tasty Chicken Gravy in your Meal

Cooking with chicken meat doesn’t need craftsmanship like other meat though the prepared is taste able even if you prepared it in any style. Just think of the outcome if you prepare the same chicken dish with simple and neat procedure – hope you are now feeling to enjoy it, if so then you lets come with me.

Chicken shall be wash thoroughly, it is not at all new but you are doing that – Chicken gives good taste and fresh look in gravy by the way it is cleaned. Now mix the cleaned chicken pieces with turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and salt lets reserve it for few minutes.  In the same vessel, pour little water and cook the chicken in simmer after few minutes marination.

Take a good bottomed vessel, pour equal amount of coconut oil and refined oil. Allow kalpasi, saunf, Cinnamon to pop in hot oil. Now add small onions, sliced onion, slitted green chillies, sliced tomato, mint leaves and Poppy seeds (khus khus) at a time. Fry all now well till it becomes soggy – take your masalas i.e., chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder, stir all gently. Pour enough water which is needed for your gravy. After starts roll boil, add already boiled chicken pieces and finely grinded coconut paste.

Allow the mixture to cook until it becomes your expected gravy consistency. Put garam masala powder, coriander and mint leaves (stir and simmer for a minute time) before take it away from fire.

Wow!! Observe your dining hall is filled with wonderful flavour of the gravy, now without your call there shall be guests in your house.

Try and enjoy the simple chicken gravy. Happy cooking and eating.

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