Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deepavali Soru - A Special Biriyani Recipe

Colourful diwali season adorned your kitchen and dining table with variety of delicacies, but in this diwali I wanted to give you unusual touch up by giving a new recipe “Deepavali soru”

Enga erunthu pa entha mathiri recipe kondu varinga nu? (Where have you been taken such recipes?) Hahhah, sir / madam this is really prevailing one in southern part of Tamilnadu (Virudhunagar and Tirunelveli region). But in this place it is known as Sundaa Biriyani. I am delivering this recipe on the time of diwali, hence I named it as Deepavali Soru

It is a Biriyani version but slight change in preparation and taste too while reading recipe you would understand the difference from common. In sometimes after Sundaa Biriyani preparation, the rice shall be mixed gently with thick curd after that tossed in mild fire for a while. This makes the biriyani to be preserve for long time and identifies the difference from other biriyani style.

Deepavali Soru recipe

Seeraga Samba Rice – 500g
Small Onions – 100g
Tomato- 03 nrs
Boiled Mutton – 350g
Mint and Coriander leaves – 50g and 30g
Ginger – 1 piece
Garlic – 6 cloves
Green chillies – 4nrs
Redchilli powder – 3 tbsp
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Coconut Milk (thin) – ½ litre
Water - 1/2 litre
Salt – to taste
Coconut oil, dalda and refined oil– 25ml, 50ml and 50 ml
Ghee – 60 ml


Make  Masala Powder  out of Cumin – 2g, Saunf – 1g, Cinnamom – 1g, Cloves – 2 nrs, cardamom – 3 nrs, Staranise - 1, Kalpasi – 1g and Mace- 1g, dry fry all and fine powder it in mixie.

Then make a fine paste – ginger and garlic paste, green chilli paste and small onion, tomato paste.

Pour oil, dalda and half of ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel. Now add cashewnuts and golden fry it.

Add ginger, garlic paste, fry it in mild fire. Then add finely pasted small onion and tomato paste. Fry it continuously till the raw flavour goes off and upto added onion and tomoto mashed well.

Now add turmeric powder, greenchilli paste and redchilli powder sauté all well. Let see now the rogan floats on top. It is a right time to add chopped mint and coriander leaves, mix well.

Then add boiled mutton pieces, mix it. Add little water and allow the mutton to cook in gravy for another two minutes.

After mutton boiled well in gravy, pour water now and add salt. Once the water roll boil add the thin coconut milk. Add rinsed seeraga sambha rice after the water starts boil. Allow the rice to cook.

Then the rice absorbs water, put it in dum for 20 minutes.

Once the dum opened pour the ghee slowly over rice and also drizzle the masala powder. Mix the rice gently and be careful the masala powder mix well. Now the delicious deepavali soru is ready to eat.

If you like you would add thick curd in biriyani and do as how i have said on top. 
Please don’t miss deepavali soru, hope you really enjoy the taste and mark your lovable comments.

Have a Happy Sundaa Biriyani Deepavali.

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