Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asafoetida – a name enough !!!!!

In South Indian and Indian Cooking, it is being as a common flavouring agent. What so ever no agents can beat the flavour of this asafoetida, a pinch totally changes the taste and make the cooking as noble.

Asafoetida or hing, releases onion – garlic flavour, have anti- biotic properties which check the growth of microbes, therefore used as a preservative. In my cooking, I use this cupboard item often to make my cooking divine. Experimented, asafoetida tweaks the tastes and recommend you to be add for the following items whatever preparation styles followed,

Tamarind base curry, hot curries, Variety rice, Dal Varieties, leafy base curries, even your lovely biriyani too.

The elder peoples in village says asafoetida have excellent aphrodisiac characters, I tell you the preparation now. Keep a copper bowl over heat to add few grams of hing in pure cow ghee, slightly stir it. After it cooled, mix that one with pure honey and fresh latex of banyan tree. Shape as little shot and dry it. Take it once daily for 40 days before sunrise helps treat impotency and has a good effect on spermatogenesis and premature ejaculation.

Anyway the couples can try out, this divine property have more and more health benefits that all are described in ayurveda scripts.

You know in abroad it is known as Devil's dung… Hey hey see how is it get different..

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